What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is a versatile link monetization platform, and it's one of the third-party integrations available within Plato. This integration enables content creators and website owners to seamlessly incorporate Linkvertise's capabilities into their monetization strategies. With Linkvertise, users can turn their regular URLs into revenue-generating assets by shortening, customizing, and protecting their links while earning money through various methods like surveys, direct ads, and more. This platform offers a user-friendly interface, detailed statistics, and reliable payouts, making it an attractive choice for those looking to monetize their web content and link-sharing activities through Plato's integrated services.

Steps to getting the service key.

Step 1: Create a Linkvertise account, this can be done here.

Click the register button on the top right corner and fill out your details. After you create your account, you should be in your dashboard.

Step 2: Activate the Full Script API.

After going to your dashboard. Go to the Full Script API tab by clicking "Full Script API"

Step 3: Activate the Full Script API.

Go to the Full Script API tab and click on Activate Full Script API.

Step 4: Adjust revenue settings.

After the activating the API, make sure to adjust the revenue settings on the bottom of the page and then click "Save Settings" to save the configuration.

Step 5: Get your Id.

After that, go back to the top and click on the "Word Press" tab and then copy your Id.

Step 6: Provide your Id to Plato.

Now the final step is to provide this id to Plato in the dashboard at Revenue -> Settings and clicking "Save".

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