What is Work.Ink?

Work.Ink is a robust advertising platform integrated into Plato's suite of services, offering content creators and developers a powerful tool for monetizing their digital content. With Work.Ink, users can efficiently manage and optimize their ad campaigns, ensuring maximum revenue potential. This third-party integration enhances Plato's capabilities by providing an effective solution for advertising and revenue generation within its ecosystem.

Steps to getting the service key.

Step 1: Create a Work.Ink account, this can be done here.

Step 3: Navigate to Full page script.

Step 4: Scroll all the way down and fill out the title and description, then click Generate Script. (You don't have to put anything for blacklist or whitelist.)

Step 5: After clicking generate, you will be provided with a script, the red underlined is an example and that link will be your Work.Ink link.

Step 6: Provide API key to Plato

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